A pre-need life insurance policy to cover your funeral, your way

Arbor offers pre-need insurance policies designed to cover the expenses of a funeral. By enrolling in one of our policies you can spare your family members from the stress of making complicated decisions during an already difficult time and from having to assume the costs of your funeral.

Enjoy the security of knowing that everything will be taken care of and lessen the burden on your loved ones.  Most importantly, choose how YOU want to be remembered.

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I’m interested but how does it work?

A licensed insurance agent will meet with you to discuss your pre-need insurance needs and tailor a payment plan that is specific to your financial situation.

In addition, the insurance agent can put you in touch with a nearby funeral home from Arbor Memorial Inc., the leader in funeral and cemetery services with locations in all principal cities across Canada. With the assistance of the professionals at Arbor, you will be able to make meaningful and personal decisions that suit your needs and the needs of your family. Once your choices are made, you’re able to secure the arrangements at today’s costs with your pre-need insurance policy without having to worry about the rising cost of funerals.

For a no obligation quote, call us at 1-844-886-LIFE (5433) or contact one of our insurance agents today.

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Free Estate Planning Guide

Discover the power of planning ahead. Your comprehensive kit includes everything you need to protect your estate and complete your final arrangements.

By planning your funeral and estate arrangements now, you will spare your family from the stress of having to make many immediate decisions during a time of grief.  As well, by paying for your final arrangements today, you can potentially save thousands of dollars, and lift the financial burden from your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arrow IconQ. What’s the difference between a traditional life insurance policy and a pre-need life insurance policy?

A. Traditional life insurance is intended to provide for a broad range of your survivors’ future financial needs, such as providing income, covering education costs, or paying off a mortgage. Preneed life insurance is specifically intended to cover only the predetermined expenses of a funeral. Pre-need life insurance may be payable immediately to the funeral home as the assignee (or the beneficiary) upon the policyholder’s death.


Arrow IconQ. How much does pre-need life insurance cost?

A. The cost of a plan depends on the value of the service and merchandise packages that you select. We will ensure your plan is suitable for your needs.


Arrow IconQ: How are the payments made?

A. Once you determine your pre-need life insurance needs, you can make a single premium payment and owe nothing further or you can choose a policy that provides insurance coverage while you make payments over several years. You can choose automatic monthly withdrawals from your chequing or savings account or from an accepted credit card.


Arrow IconQ. What is pre-planning for my funeral like?

A. Funeral preplanning consists of meeting with a funeral preplanning professional to document the type of funeral you desire, including the type of casket, vault and/or cremation urn you prefer. Once your funeral prearrangements are made, you may use your preneed life insurance policy to secure the cost of your funeral expenses at today’s cost.


Arrow IconQ. Where does my money go?

A. Your policy is secured and underwritten by TruStage® Life of Canada. The death benefit is designed to grow over time to help cover the rising cost of your funeral. At the time the policy needs to be fulfilled, your insurance proceeds will be issued to the funeral home responsible for your final arrangements. If there are any excess funds they will be directed to a named beneficiary of your choosing or they can be used to pay for any unanticipated expenses.


Arrow IconQ. What if I just want to set aside funds for my funeral expenses, do you offer this type of coverage?

A. Yes, we do. If you are not ready to select a specific funeral home or funeral service, you can choose any amount of money to be paid to your beneficiary to help pay for funeral arrangements or expenses related to death. However, by selecting an Arbor Funeral Home, you can rest assured that your specific wishes will be carried out and you will benefit from our price guarantee based on today’s cost.


Arrow IconQ. Can I change my mind after after enrolling in the insurance policy or if I cannot afford my payments?

A. Yes. We offer a 30-day free-look period from the time of enrollment. If for any reason you choose not to continue the policy, you may cancel in the first 30 days and we will refund all the premiums paid. After 30 days, if you cancel the insurance policy you will receive the cash value of your coverage.


Arrow IconQ. Can my prearranged funeral contract be transferred if I move?

A. You may transfer your contract and price guarantee to any Arbor Memorial funeral home across Canada, free of charge.


Arrow IconQ. How are claims filed and how long does it take?

A. To file a claim, your family simply needs to contact the funeral home. The funeral home will handle all of the paperwork and correspondence with TruStage® Life of Canada. The claim is processed and a cheque may be mailed or the funds transferred electronically to the funeral home within 24 hours of receiving all of the required documentation.


Arrow IconQ. Is my money protected for as long as I live?

A. Yes. For your security, TruStage Life of Canada, is a member of Assuris, a not for profit organization funded by Canadian insurance companies, where all of its policyholders are protected for the amount of their coverage.  Our plan offers security to you and your family that the money to cover your final expenses will be immediately available when it’s needed.


Arrow IconQ. Do I ever need a medical exam to qualify for insurance?

A. No, there is no medical examination required. If you answer “no” to the standard health questions in the application, you will be approved for instant coverage. Should you have any health concerns, your coverage will begin two years from your policy’s start date. However, you will receive a return of all insurance premiums and interest if death occurs within two years of your insurance coverage start date.


Arrow IconQ. What happens if I die before I’ve paid all my premiums?

A. TruStage® Life of Canada will pay the policy proceeds to your designated funeral home if you have assigned your benefits to the funeral home. Thereafter TruStage Life of Canada will pay to your designated beneficiary the full remaining proceeds of your insurance policy, provided that your premiums are up to date at the time of death.  If you declared certain health concerns at the time of the application, a two-year waiting period may apply before full coverage is in effect. However, your beneficiary will receive a return of all insurance premiums and interest if death occurs within two years of your insurance coverage start date.


Arbor Memorial Insurance Inc. is underwritten by TruStage® Life of Canada.